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Aacharana Nsp HUDHUD Cyclone Relief Activity

Aacharana Nsp HUDHUD Cyclone Relief Activity

aacharanansp / October 19, 2014




Aacharana Nsp HUDHUD Cyclone Relief Activity:

Hudhud[nb 1] was a strong tropical cyclone that caused extensive damage and loss of life in eastern India and Nepal during October 2014.

Hudhud caused extensive damage to the city of Visakhapatna

   m and the neighbouring districts of Vizianagaram and Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh. Damages were estimated to be ₹21,908 crore (US$3.4 billion) by the Andhra state government.[3] At least 124 deaths have been confirmed, a majority of them from Andhra Pradesh and Nepal, with the latter experiencing an avalanche due to the cyclone.

With the help of R.S.S we identified two areas in Vizag where neither govt. nor any other N.G.O. reached and collected information about the requirements of those people.

Mr. Pradeep Iduri (Our Advisory Panel Member), employees of VITECH SYSTEMS INC. through V.ACT and few of our volunteers helped in raising funds for providing the essentials. They played a crucial role in making this happen.

We went to that area on Saturday morning, went up the hill and did the distribution of 450 fiber cemented sheets to “the most deserved” for reconstruction of damaged houses. It was a great learning experience and witnessed the pathetic situation of people due to cyclone.

Thanks to Sandeep Deepu for motivating us to plan such. Hearty Thanks to Sandeep Veernala Uma Mahesh Bodapati Kommula Nagendra Le Duke Krantikari Krishna Sundeep Swamy Sree and all others who supported us…

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