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Inception of Aacharana

Inception of Aacharana

aacharanansp / November 16, 2017

It’s been nearly seven years since we started this organization. I still remember the day when Sainath and I created a FB group “Our Contribution to Our Country” in May 2011. At first we used to share info about India, Humanity and service. Some people made fun of us by posting comments and discouraging us that this is all time pass and over enthusiasm. Later I posted that we will be closing this group as people are more interested in Movies, Actors, and Sports etc. But none of us care about Society and Country. Then I got support from a school friend, she stood by us and took the group forward.

Then we thought to do something productive instead of posting stuff. We identified an organization in Kakinada who works for the needy and donated an amount of Rs. 3500/- which we raised from friends in that group. On 3rd of June I went to Kakinada with my classmates Harish, Theja and Malaki to meet the people of that Organization. We went to that organization and spent some time with them, we donated the amount, founder of that Organization suggested us to start an organization of our own. That left me into deep thinking. I inquired about different organizations, how they work, what kind of activities they do etc., I also thought of what is the need in the place I am staying, what are all the strengths I have and resources I have to start an organization.

After lot of thinking, research and inquiries I decided to start an Organization. I spoke to few of my friends in college, I used to write on blackboard of my class room that “We are going to start a social service organization in Narsapuram, interested people please join”. I said to many, few were interested and very few discouraged. I went to my uncle and asked for a room in his institute to organize a meeting, I explained him everything and he agreed without talking anything. I invited my classmates and friends. I was travelling to home from college and suddenly saw my college mate Mr. Dwaipayan Sarkar (Macho, Mr. Dignified, Cool guy and of course a rebel in our college), I explained everything and invited him to the meet. He was very happy and excited, supported me a lot and promised to attend with his friends.

24th July 2011:  It around 4 pm in the evening, Sainath joined me first. We went to venue and arranged everything. Slowly our friends were coming and in a hour nearly 40 of them showed up. I started the meeting, explained what happened till then and what my plans were for future. We decided to take any decision based on group’s opinion, I was shell shocked with the response, and they were all like waiting for such moment for many years. Sarkar came with his friends Sandeep (crazy/cool, can’t explain: P), Manohar, Anji (Rock star, Raju garu, Mr. Logic), Vijay (Bhagath Singh) and many others joined.

We decided that there will be one and only one role: “Volunteer” and then we drafted our mottos:

  1. Blood donations on immediate requirement,
  2. Educating the poor,
  3. Providing basic amenities to Orphanages and Old Age homes,
  4. Conducting awareness campaigns etc.

Then we divided among ourselves in to teams and worked hard. Uma Mahesh (Mr. Perfect) used to be our representative to the College administration. Sarkar, Sandeep, Anji, Vijay, Benny & Bhanu used to be the information gathering team. Sainath used to manage our FB group and I used to put my finger in everything: P

That is how we started from scratch and so far we did:

  1. 1810 blood donations,
  2. Adopted 36 students with an expenditure of Rs. 6 Lakhs,
  3. Spread to 3 different places,
  4. Increased our team from 7 to 3500+ and organized many activities (Visit out blog posts)

After three months we met our HR panel member Pradeep Iduri and explained what we are doing, right from that day he took part in every step and has been guiding us. He joined us as Advisory panel member and his wife our beloved Praveena Ma’am also helps us in taking forward this organization.

We are very proud of our “juniors”, we started it and they carried forward making it better. Vishnu, Revati, Sowmya, Manoj, Basha, Sampath, Chaitu, Ramesh, Rajesh, Muneer, Bunty, Vaishnavi, Fabeeha, Ramunaidu, Pavan, Raghu, Sandeep, Anusha, Sagar, Navya, Kiran, Raju and many more. I know more than 1000 names, can’t write all of them. Salute to all those great soldiers. This is what I call a good start, we’ve been together for five years. We’ll take it forward with pride, make ourselves better and serve as many as we could.

Thanks to all the volunteers and donors. Special thanks to parents or every volunteer!!!

Long Live Aacharana!


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