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Naipunya Summer Camp 2017

Naipunya Summer Camp 2017

aacharanansp / May 19, 2018





Vision: Empower and Enlighten the youth of villages in India

Mission: To organize summer camp in one village every year to ensure over all development.

Our target is to empower and enlighten the talent in remote places in India. We chose a remote place in Bibinar Mandal, Nalgonda District, Telagana state named “Nemaragommula”.  It is a village with a population of around 1800 people. It has a government school with a strength of around 75 students which used to have a strength of 300 earlier.

We planned a 20 days program to educate the kids while encouraging the different talents in them. We also targeted the youth of the village and hone their skills in a best possible way and help them to get employment. As a part of health domain we did a Medical camp for the villagers.

Programs planned:

  1. Arts and Crafts design workshop,
  2. Career Guidance to high school students,
  3. Waste management and Cleanliness
  4. Outing for kids to places in Hyderabad.
  5. Medical Camp
  6. Eye Checkup campaign
  7. Sports & Games
  8. Employability Training and Soft skills to youth,
  9. Story Telling, Book reading, Shlokas and Poems for Kids
  10. Dance and Music competition among the kids,
  11. Empowering and educating girls/women.

We spent 3 hours everyday and work closely with villagers to bring some change by the end of the program. We also stay over night some days and organize full days events once in a while.



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