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New Year Celebrations 2015

New Year Celebrations 2015

aacharanansp / January 2, 2015

On the eve of New year every one usually celebrate with friends, family, colleagues  and neighbors. Do you know there are  kids who have no one to share their joy ,emotions and feelings . We volunteers of ACHARANA  at  Hyderabad planned a suprise celebrartion treat at CHERISH orphanage, hyderbad.


We gathered at 4 pm and went to an orphanage with cakes, sweets and other essentials which those kids are in need of.
We had great time with those kids. This newyear is most memorable moments for all of us, We had lots of fun we entertained them with games and also distributed some food because in acharana we belive , best way to make kids happy is by feeding them with food by wich we can reach there hearts .
We made them sing, dance and  had a lots of which can  make   us happy till   rest of the year  ,
Their can’t  be any other new year celebrartion  which might not  make  us more happier than this.

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