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aacharanansp / July 16, 2013

“To conduct tutorials” is the only motto which has to be met till date had started recently in various government schools in and around Narsapur.

“EducationĀ is the only treasure which continuously increases on sharing. We, the students and future Indians should be in a position to communicate. Orphans in certain Government schools may not have proper guidance and also may be confronted with doubts while studying. Keeping all these in view point, we came with an idea of conducting tutorial classes in the nearby schools. The communication skills of our volunteers as well as the academic progress of the kids in respective schools were enhanced.”

In this process we formed a team lead by Mr.K.Chaitanya to carry out tutorials without any interruption.

Tutorials are being conducted in the following schools:
1. Municipal High School, Palakol,
2. Z.P.High School, Seetarampuram
3. Yerramsettivari Palem High School,
4. Mission High School, Narsapuram,

We are planning to start in few more schools as soon as possible. In this process we also conducted “Career guidance” program in the following schools:

1. Sanskrit High School, Narsapuram.
2. Municipal High School, Palakol,
3. Z.P.High School, Seetarampuram,
4. Yerramsettivari Palem High School,
5. Mission High School, Narsapuram.

We thank the managements of all the schools mentioned above and also congratulate all the volunteers involved in the activity on successful execution of the task.

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