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About Us

We’re a charitable organization that improves lives


Our Past…

AACHARANAS’ foundations were laid on a July afternoon, way back in 2011 in a classroom, situated on the western banks of Godavari River, on the Steamer Road of the West Godavari District town named Narsapur (AP- India).
Some third year Engineering students, youngbloods and self-proclaimed rebels belonging to the Swarnandhra College of Engineering and Technology (SCET) had gathered, summoned by one Perala Yeswanth, all hoping to just meet up and have some boys time and casual afternoon weekend fun - off the campus.

Yeswanth, the one who had pooled us all, posed a simple question – “What is your contribution to your country?”. Suddenly taken aback, we didn’t have much of an answer, that’s exactly when he pitched his idea of a students led volunteer organization and gave THE PLAN – do something good for the society we live in, whenever and however we can.
The idea intrigued everyone; It caught the imaginations of these young minds who were craving to do something more… something worth their energy… something purposeful… and then the rest became history.
Now, event-after-event, all these years later we are a bunch of college alumni who are connected to each other through strong bonds of friendship developed over years of volunteering for charitable works under the banner of AACAHARANA.

Our Today…

With the baton of responsibilities being passed over by the passing out batch of successful engineering graduates to the bachelors/ juniors and other students from the surrounding areas, AACHARANA has truly blossomed into an entirely Volunteer driven organization with some solid directions and guidance by our beloved Pradeep Sir.
Today, amongst our ranks, we have numerous volunteers who represent different age groups, walks of life and backgrounds. Some yet studying and finding their true purpose in life, and some who have reached respectable heights in their professions; the commonality – they are all bound with the single simple idea – “do something good for the society we live in, whenever and however we can”.

Our Future…

Who knows what the future holds for us. The only sure thing – there is no stopping. AACHARANA for most of us is much more than just an organization. It is a family of sorts. A place where we truly found ourselves, our purpose in life, or at least - means to find true happiness.
We as AACHARANA volunteers solemnly swear to walk this path and carry forward the will to do good no matter where we are.
With each new event, with each new social welfare activity, with each blood unit donated we march on… towards a better world!


Our inspiration comes from a simple motive which is: “DO good, when you can, as you can.”

To be able to reach a position where we can satisfy 100% of the applications, we receive seeking financial or other aids towards education. We have adopted 55 kids so far.
To develop a strong blood donor network across the nation so we can satisfy at least 75% of blood requirement calls. We have done 4900 blood donations till date.
To build teams in three more states - Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra – in order to guide students and help them build fruitful career as we are doing in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states as of now.

However, our main goal goes beyond these numbers. We want to motivate our volunteers that service is not an activity but a way of life. It is in the very nature of human beings. Hence, we are planning to start workshops for them so that they can serve those in need with a better and deeper sense of understanding.


Our Vision

To empower and enlighten the next generations and make the world a better place.

Our Mission

To expand Aacharana to at least 7 major cities of India - Currently we are active in Narasapur, Eluru and Hyderabad