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Financial Aids To Under-privilege Scholars


alent doesn’t care about the size of one’s roof or the grains on one’s plate. Unfortunately, many academically gifted kids from rural India fail to complete their education due to financial instability. We wish to break this chain and enable those who are worthy! At AACHARANA we are blessed to have patrons who are generous enough to support the education of a child in its entirety. Nothing short of a blessing from above for the child and the family. We scout around local schools and colleges to find such prodigies who could have done a lot better, if life was a little kinder. We connect these heaven-sent donors to such talented kids and help push their life stories in the right direction. The Donors are always kept aware of the child’s progress, and are aware that they have participated in truly changing the course of a life for the better…nothing’s more noble! We have completed well over 50 such adoptions to this date, isn’t that amazing!

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